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Welcome to my website! I am a multi-talented individual with a passion for IT sales, writing, football, and mentoring. With expertise in delivering top-notch technology solutions, sharing my knowledge through captivating books, ensuring fair play on the football field, and guiding aspiring professionals, I am thrilled to connect with you here. Explore my world of diverse interests and let's navigate the exciting possibilities together!

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My Story

I am the author of the autobiography "Time Will Tell." (Now in it's 3rd Edition). A true story about my experiences, of being a child victim of International Parental  Child Abduction. I became one of the first affected children to speak publicly about the psychological effects on the child from my own experiences.

I am also the author of "Becoming What you Believe" (Coming very Soon) a book that guides readers on a journey to achieve their career and life goals. The book covers various aspects of personal development and provides practical strategies to help readers believe in themselves and their future, become better advocates for themselves, and effectively visualise their dreams and goals.

I am well known in the IT industry with over 30 years experience spanning E-tailer, reseller, distribution and vendor levels as well as playing a leading role at work championing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion across Europe & Africa.


For now, I am shifting my focus and dedicating more time towards coaching and mentoring young people in the  on self and career development. As well as writing more books.


I am also a Senior Bedfordshire County football Referee and Referees Assessor; An avid Liverpool Football Club fan, and also also a regular guest on BBC3 Counties Radio talk shows where I talk about my books, being a referee, ethnicity and DE&I issues and various other general affairs.

During my downtime I enjoy learning to play the piano, playing football, table & lawn tennis. I also like travelling, listening to music, watching movies and writing.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. You can connect with me through LinkedIN; Instagram or Facebook.


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