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Dream; Believe; Achieve.

Front Cover "Becoming What You Believe" 2023

"Becoming What You Believe" is a book that guides readers on a journey to achieve their career and life goals. The book covers various aspects of personal development and provides practical strategies to help readers believe in themselves and their future, become better advocates for themselves, and effectively visualise their dreams and goals. Additionally, the book explores the power of vision, the importance of setting clear goals, and how using quotations as inspiration can be a powerful motivator.


Through inspiring stories, tips, and readers will discover how to transform their beliefs into action to achieve career success and personal fulfilment. Overall, "Becoming What You Believe" is a comprehensive guide that empowers readers to create the life they desire by tapping into the power of their beliefs and passions.

Barber Brinkman, NL

“He made me aware that ‘Believing is seeing’, instead of only the opposite that
most people live by; ‘Seeing is believing”. With Yemi’s knowledge of the Bible and
his personal experiences in life, both as a businessman, a father, a soccer-coach
and now life-coach, he gives the reader more insight toward the possibilities
everyone has, to keep believing in that dream and never ever give-up."

Carol Lewin, Tampa

"I think this book is for everyone, especially those looking for inspiration to start or finish a journey.  I love the chapter opening quotes and real life examples you shared throughout. 
I have no doubt it will have a positive impact on everyone who takes the time to read.  In addition, I found it to be an easy turn page reading. "

Clancy Tetteh, DE

"This is my favourite chapter.. why because I once felt that I lacked this ingredient in my personal development, but the funny thing is that, I can really advocate for other people but once it comes to myself, I found that  I recoiled at the thought of talking about my own achievements.GREAT CHAPTER !!"

The concept behind the book

"When you’ve worked hard and done well and walk through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back, you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed."

-Michelle Obama.

Summary of chapters

Chapter One

Explores the idea of believing in your future self and the importance of thinking and planning ahead. It uses anecdotes about childhood aspirations and personal experiences to highlight the significance of having a clear strategy and avoiding being swayed by the events of life.

Chapter Two

Explains the power of perseverance and resilience in achieving one's goals and dreams. It defines perseverance as the ability to stay focused and committed despite challenges, while resilience refers to bouncing back from setbacks and using them as opportunities for growth. The chapter emphasises that both qualities are essential for staying on course and realising one's vision and purpose.

Chapter Three

Explores the power of visualising visions and goals. It emphasises the importance of faith and belief in achieving what you cannot currently see. The chapter draws on the religious aspect of faith and applies it to personal, home, and career goals. It highlights the need to plan and live towards these goals, even when unexpected challenges arise. The chapter also mentions the evolution of technology and how once-impossible things have become a reality.

Chapter Four

Explores the power of utilising quotations that resonate with you. It highlights the example of Muhammad Ali and his influential quotes. The chapter emphasises the importance of discipline, commitment, and having a vision. By announcing quotes and sharing your plans and visions regularly, you become more committed and believe in them even more. Successful people find confidence and motivation through their quotes and enjoy receiving feedback, whether positive or negative.

Chapter Five

Focuses on career progression rules. It begins with a quote by Lou Holtz about the importance of ability, motivation, and attitude. The chapter then shares a personal anecdote about the author's experience in the IT sector. They were offered a job at Technomatic but declined to wait for another opportunity. However, when that opportunity didn't meet their expectations, they reached out to Technomatic again and asked for the same job. The chapter highlights the importance of audacity, explaining one's reasoning, and being serious about career goals.

Chapter Six

Discusses the use of negative feedback as a source of power. It begins with a quote by Norman Vincent Peale about the tendency to prefer praise over criticism. The chapter shares the author's experience as a football referee, dealing with negative feedback from spectators, parents, coaches, and players. The author cautions against getting pulled into debates with those providing negative feedback and highlights the importance of having knowledge and experience before criticising others. The chapter focuses on constructive feedback as a valuable tool for growth and improvement.

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven discusses the importance of one's personal brand and self-advocacy. The chapter begins with a quote by Nelson Mandela about courage and fear. It emphasizes the significance of one's name as their brand and representation of their identity. The author shares their personal experience with a unique name and how it helped create a brand identity for them in the IT industry. The chapter highlights the role of one's name and reputation in opening doors and creating opportunities. It emphasizes the synergy between personal and organisational branding.

Chapter Eight

Discusses the concept of motivation and its role in achieving goals. The chapter begins with a quote by Aristotle about excellence being a habit. It highlights the impact of both internal and external motivations on personal growth and success. Motivation is seen as the driving force that pushes individuals to take action and develop good habits. It also emphasises the importance of overcoming obstacles and persisting in the face of challenges. The chapter explores how personal habits can inspire and motivate others.

Chapter Nine

Focuses on the importance of self-care and well-being. It begins with a quote by Maya Angelou about the significance of helping oneself before helping others. The chapter highlights a story of Warren Buffett discussing the value of taking care of one's body and making healthy choices. In the story, Buffett presents hypothetical scenarios to children, demonstrating the importance of maintaining and investing in their bodies for a lifetime. The chapter emphasises the concept of self-worth and the realisation that one's own life is more valuable than material possessions.

Chapter Ten

Emphasises the importance of prioritising long-term financial well-being from the beginning of a career journey. It highlights the need for proactive retirement planning to make informed decisions and achieve financial security. The chapter also provides book recommendations on pensions and financial planning, offering valuable insights and strategies for a prosperous future.

Chapter Eleven

Emphasises the importance of embracing change and giving back to others. By being adaptable, mentoring, volunteering, and helping others grow, one can build a positive reputation and personal brand. Embracing change allows for personal growth and learning, opening up new opportunities. Giving back can have a transformative impact on oneself and those around, and establish a compassionate and ethical reputation.

From the Afterword

We have one opportunity, and one life to live, but if we do it right, we could leave a long-lasting legacy for our family and for our friends. I believe that touching, nourishing, and inspiring the lives of people in passing, through things that you have said, actions that you have taken, words that you have written, and gifts that you have given or donated, can have a satisfying, rewarding and profound impact. By becoming what you believe, you have the power to shape your own destiny and create a life that aligns with your values and aspirations.

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