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This 2023; 3rd edition marks 50 years from 1973 when the events of my story began. I was 7 years old then and now at 57, I am very proud to be able to share my story once again.

Before writing “Time Will Tell” I didn't know anyone else who had been through experiences like mine, so it never crossed my mind that it was a global issue and one that needed more publicity. International Child Parental Abduction can be a very frightening experience to the parents involved and of course to the children. International parental child abduction is an act of illegally taking a child from their home usually by one of the parents across international borders; but it can also be done by an acquaintance or another member of the family.

I wrote "Time Will Tell" from my early vivid memories, it would seem a lot of things are stored almost permanently in our minds. To free up some space in my head, I decided to pen out my manuscript.

Imagine yourself coming home after a hard day’s work; only to find out that your family has disappeared, you have no idea where to start searching for them, no one else can offer you any concrete help and even when you eventually discover what country they are in, you realise that it’s too dangerous for you to go there and still no one, not even the police, nor the government can help you get them back.

Now imagine that same situation in 1973. Back then there was no home PC, no internet access, no social media, no mobile phones and very few homes had a phone. The cost of a flight was at least 50% higher than it is today.

My mum knows all these feelings only too well, she was just 26 when her two children, me just seven and my sister five years old were taken by our dad to Nigeria from London England out of the blue. We lived in Nigeria for a total of 14 years. That was my defining moment.

In 2011 my mum read my story in the First Edition of the book “Time Will Tell” she recalls having a towel around her neck which she used to wipe away tears as she read through the pages. The book went on to surprise me as it led to various media work for me including an appearance on BBC Breakfast News. The book won an award and my Facebook page got more than 10,000 Likes.

“Time Will Tell” is my story, right from the beginning it takes you into the suspense unfolding before my eyes and it goes on to take you through my emotions growing from boy to man.

Yemi Elegunde
May 2023

Time Will Tell - By Yemi Elegunde

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