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Bedfordshire County FA Referee

Who would be a referee? Why not?  I have nearly 20 Years Experience as a County Football Referee. 

Once I could no longer play football to the standards that I enjoyed, I decided that I wanted to stay very active in football. Officiating is a good challenge mentally and physically for me.

There are many benefits to becoming a sports official, such as a football referee. I was new to Bedfordshire back in 2000; so officiating got me travelling to various villages in the county.

Being a referee motivates you to keep fit, to get out running in the week and to exercise well in general. I run around 7km per match on average. You have to be fit to make sound decisions and to communicate them effectively whilst having to run back and forth that much during a match.

The fitter you feel; the better judgement you make.

You get to give something back to the game if you once played football like I did or you "Get Involved" in the beautiful game. I was also once a football coach and manager. But officiating tests me a lot more.

It can improve your communication skills as well as your overall mental attitude.

You get to meet people and make friends.

I have been a Bedfordshire Football Association affiliated registered referee since 2000. I am currently a Senior Level 5 Referee and have also served as a referee's assessor in the county.