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A True Story of Abduction, Survival & Reconciliation

Book Front Cover Time Will Tell 2023 version

A Lifetime of Stories

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In "Time Will Tell: A Journey of Discoveries," embark on an extraordinary and captivating biography that unveils the remarkable story of a young boy's tumultuous upbringing and his unforgettable journey towards self-discovery. This gripping tale will transport you to the vibrant lands of Nigeria, where a seven-year-old child confronts a stark change of culture and grapples with the trials of a new family dynamic.


Through the innocent eyes of this courageous boy, experience the rollercoaster of emotions that accompanies his unconventional upbringing. Feel his apprehensions and exhilaration as he navigates a world far from his familiar home, and takes solace in the heartfelt correspondence with his distant mother. Witness the profound impact of these letters, as they become a lifeline connecting a fractured family across the vastness of oceans.


"Time Will Tell" transcends mere storytelling, delving into the captivating narrative of a boy's rebellions and loves. As he grows from boy to teenager, be enthralled by his transformative experiences, navigating the treacherous path of adolescence with determination and resilience. Feel his anger, understand his frustrations, and join him on his poignant journey towards acceptance and reconciliation with himself and his parents.


Intrigued by the extraordinary circumstances that shaped his youth, you'll find yourself captivated by the pivotal question: What kind of man would this boy ultimately become? Unlock the mysteries of his captivating transformation as "Time Will Tell" unravels the intricacies of his life, providing profound insights into the human capacity for resilience, growth, and redemption.


Prepare to be moved, inspired, and ultimately transformed as "Time Will Tell" takes you on an incredible tale of self-discovery and the timeless power of familial bonds.

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"Before writing “Time Will Tell” I didn't know anyone else who had been through experiences like mine, so it never crossed my mind that it was a global issue and one that needed more publicity. International parental child abduction can be a very frightening experience to the parents involved and of course to the children." 

12 January 2017

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

"A truly heart wrenching story about the trials and tribulations of Yemi growing up in Nigeria after being abducted by his father when he was a very young boy. After reading the book I feel as if I know Yemi, his Sister, Father and the rest of his family personally, as the well written book details his daily struggles to cope with a new Country, Culture, Language, Extended family, Education etc. The book makes you go through these struggles with him through his own eyes and thoughts. A truly gripping roller coaster ride.

Yemi should be proud of his achievements in life despite the harsh realities endured, You have kept your dignity and respect throughout. A true inspiration to us all.

I highly recommended purchasing this book."


Jiten on Amazon UK

"This is a personal, heartfelt and very moving story about a boy (and later a young man) coming to terms with a whole new way of life, after being taken from his mother suddenly and having to cope with a country very different to England.

I read this in two days flat and couldn't put it down - Yemi has a very honest and open way of conveying his experiences, with raw emotion (from anger to love, forgiveness and confusion). Aside from this book offering a deep insight into Nigeria through the eyes of a child, it also touches on the politics of the country at that time in the '80s and has many anecdotes that really bring the story to life.

As someone who usually doesn't read true stories (I tend to stick to fiction), I couldn't put this down. It got quite sad towards the end and I could almost feel what Yemi was going through. Well worth a read."

Mr. D. M. C. Sacco

December 18, 2011

Format: PaperbackVerified Purchase

"I could not read Yemi's story all at once It took time. I had to put the book down to digest what appears to be a deceptively simple story. It is not a simple story. However, it is an all-too-common story. This book presents an very intimate look, through the eyes of a child, the life of a young boy, ripped from his country, friends, school, and mothers. He was taken to a foreign land where he was forced to navigate a new school, culture, and language, with few answers to his questions. Emotionally abandoned, the young boy grows into a man. He survived, but the boy's loss echos shadows on every page."


Maureen Dabbagh
VA Supreme Court Famiy Mediator
author, "Parental Kidnapping in America: An Historical and Cultural Analysis" .

"Absolutely loved this book. I would recommend this book to any parent, so that they may understand how much of an impact their actions can have on their children. Thank you Yemi Elegunde for sharing your story. I had no idea of the educational processes in place in Nigeria and your experiences helped to inform me."

Tony Tate

4 June 2018

Format: Paperback

For anyone of Nigerian heritage who was born in England and taken "home" to Nigeria, many of the incidents in this remarkable true story will resonate and it is a "must read". It is a moving account of the aftermath of a cruel separation, and of having to adjust to life in a new country. 


I felt empathy and admiration as I read Yemi's description of the trials and tribulations he went through at his various schools and his relationship with friends, girlfriends and family, particularly his father and sister. His account of events is relayed vividly and with emotional sincerity and, at times, humour. Its been a while since I sat and read a book cover to cover over a long weekend, which is testament to how much i enjoyed it.


Adenike Balogun - Amazon UK

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 July 2017

"This book is a must read! A truly amazing story. I literally could not put it down. Despite the adversity Yemi faced there was always something positive to take away from the experiences.
Having worked with Yemi before reading his book, I had no idea about his past and the difficulties he faced. He's an amazingly kind and genuine guy and makes you respect him all the more knowing about his journey to adulthood.
Thank you for sharing your story, it was sad yet inspiring all at the same time."

Amazon Customer

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